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Being Combat Ready, in a philosophical sense, does not mean literal military training or fighting. It is to pursue activities that lead a person towards self-actualization; it is setting a course and taking action to master the skills of which one desires; it is problem solving and overcoming obstacles; it is cultivating oneself and improving their efficacy so that they can be of service in a way that is impactful. Indeed, you are Combat Ready when you are operating at the highest level of which you are capable. This is a way of life, not a one-time goal accomplishment. It evolves and grows as the individual evolves and grows. To be COMBAT READY means to operate at one’s highest level; for the greater good of themselves and those around them.

The meaning behind the 2-headed Rooster emblem -

The Rooster is awake.

Its instinct is to sound the alarm of Reveille for those who are asleep.

However, it knows that such an effort may go unnoticed, but never will the Rooster stray from its duty – its drive. This is an expression of commitment and reliability - undeterred by a lack of cooperation. It teaches us that we must relieve ourselves of the reliance of others and to keep pushing forward.

A Rooster has distinct physical characteristics and a confident posture – a fundamental quality that enhances its awareness and readiness. It is competitive by nature, and as such, it is not afraid of a fight. It has equal amounts of both selfish and unselfish intentions.

The two-headed rooster is pointing in two directions – on one side are the arrows; the other is the olive branch. It illustrates a Combat Ready approach to life, regardless of situation or occupation. Come what may, for I am READY.

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