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Combat Ready L.L.C. (d.b.a. Combat Ready USA) is:

Veteran-Owned (2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, United Stated Marine Corps, OORAH!)

8(a) Certified - Case No. 304746

GSA Schedule - GS-07F-0416Y


Metaphorically Speaking...

Combat Ready is a well-known term used to describe the condition of a fully-trained, prepared, and equipped warfighter. Metaphorically, to be “Combat Ready” affirms one's efficacy and highest level of readiness to accomplish that in which he or she sets out to accomplish. It is this unwavering state of being that’s infused in our name, and is the foundation of our brand.

We often referred to ourselves as our acronym, CRUSA.We were founded in 2006 by Colin Burgos, a former Infantryman for the United States Marine Corps, and Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Dallas, Tx.

CRUSA was recognized in the White House Small Business Report as an emerging Veteran-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business in the 8(a) program. This program has provided us a platform for attaining valuable experience doing business with all branches of the US Military, providing a wide range of tactical gear items and learning the ins-and-outs of government procurement.

Our Philosophy:

We operate with a philosophy of readiness, efficiency, and adaptability. With these innate qualities as our foundation, our customers can rely on our ability to meet their product and delivery requirements, and provide the highest quality in customer service. Being ready and efficient means we have the knowledge and skillset to accomplish our objectives and perform to a higher standard of quality. By being adaptable, we move in a flexible manner, always seeking improvement, and fine-tuning the quality of our operation.

Thank you for visiting us! Let us know how we can be of service.

Photo tag:

Michael Beltran, CWO4 Gunner (USMC Ret) - Top left

Our Founder, green as can be - front and centered.

...Friends for life!


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