PALS Belt Platform w/ Nonslip Patch

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PALS Belt Platform

Down Range Gear

MOLLE compatible attachment systems require a pouch to be properly woven into a compatible grid.

The PALS Belt Platform was designed to fully support modular pouches on a belt with a 2 column by 2 row grid that will support a single rifle magazine pouch, two pistol magazine pouches or pouches with a similar footprint. Conventional, strap based, MOLLE compatible attachment systems require a pouch be properly woven into a webbing grid for secure and solid attachment. The PALS Belt Platform does this with two 1" webbing loops which, when folded over a belt, provide a familiar row-gap-row configuration for attachment. The bottom row adjusts along two prongs to accommodate different belt widths. The belt itself provides the underlying structure. Woven in and with the ends secured, the pouch is as secure as on any PALS grid. Stability on the belt is achieved with opposing hook and loop faces to lock into a Velcro lined belt and included nonslip patches provide increased friction for belts without Velcro interfaces. The PALS Belt Platform will support 1-1/2" to 2-1/4”

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