NOD Retention Lanyard

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The NOD Retention Lanyard is designed to retain and prevent the loss of the AN/PVS-14A in the event of a mount failure.

The simple, proven design is reliable and easy to employ with no learning curve.

You know that, bad as it is to have to sweep a training area for missing gear, the consequences of equipment loss outside the wire, on deployment are far worse. If you've been in the game long enough, you've probably experienced at least one such occurrence. You are probably reading this because you don't want it to happen again. 

"Dummy cording" sensitive equipment is a time tested, proven infantry practice, something everybody knows they should be doing 100% of the time.... but probably aren't. Maybe your unit has a standing order that isn't being followed or just not executed as diligently as it should be.

This solution integrates with currently issued equipment to solve a real problem. As a functional, thought out system it encourages compliance by removing friction and eliminating excuses. We've done all the work, sweated all the details so that it's ready to field as a working solution reinforcing your SOP. Properly employed, the system will mitigate instances of equipment loss. By design implementation is easily inspected for and verified.

The NOD Retention Lanyard is not a piece of gear that changes what you do but it's employment will have an impact on your unit. It reinforces proven infantry best practices. You're already "dummy-cording" your optics or know you should be. This is a better way to do it. When you're tired of losing optics or worrying about it, the NOD Retention Lanyard is a sensible, practical solution.




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