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 Challenge yourself to do something extraordinary!

Sometimes we are faced with a challenge (self-induced perhaps) that, at first pass, may intimidate or cause us to second guess our efficacy. This is nature’s filtration system at work. There are aspects of our self that influence our raw materials (choices, decisions, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and actions). Some refer to it as the voices inside our head, guiding our raw materials. You may notice that the loudest and clearest voice heard is presenting us with negativity, fear, and self-doubt. However, if our motivation is strong, and our mind clear, there is a more subtle voice, an urge, that pushes us forward. This is our highest self, that sees through the smoke, guiding us towards self-actualization. Where will we be if we ignore the former and only followed the guidance of our highest self? I challenge you to find out.

That said…

Challenge yourself to do something extraordinary. That is the Combat Ready Challenge.

If you are interested in following along, and hopefully participating, please follow the CR Challenge Instagram Page @COMBATREADYCHALLENGE . There we will post challenges that are physical expressions of being Combat Ready. We encourage you to participate in the CR Challenges and even post your own challenge for everyone to take on. Just use the Hashtag #CombatReadyChallenge on your post.

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Being Combat Ready, in a philosophical sense, does not mean literal military training or fighting. It is to pursue activities that lead a person towards self-actualization; it is setting a course and taking action to master the skills of which one desires; it is problem solving and overcoming obstacles; it is cultivating oneself and improving their efficacy so that they can be of service in a way that is impactful. Indeed, you are Combat Ready when you are operating at the highest level of which you are capable. This is a way of life, not a one-time goal accomplishment. It evolves and grows as the individual evolves and grows. To be COMBAT READY means to operate at one’s highest level; for the greater good of themselves and those around them.


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